Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Triquetra Tattoo

Classic Trinity Knot by Pat Fish
Tattoo Santa Barbara, March 9, 2011

I've always been fascinated by tattoos.

And I have always wanted to get one. I finally got one in April 2009.

It is a cross on my right wrist.

It is a little hard to get a good picture of both my face and the tattoo, because every reasonable pose involves twisting my wrist. And that makes the tattoo look all twisted.

And the tattoo "faces" away from me, so it is easy for it to look more like a sword on my wrist. I got it that way, so people facing me would see it right side up. Well, only if my arm is hanging down. If my arm is bent upward, like in the picture below, it is still upside down.

Ever since I got my first tattoo, I've wanted to get another one.

Part of the reason for this might be that this tattoo was very plain. I chose a plain design on purpose, of course, but I wanted a fancy one, too! Something colorful and beautiful.

As my cross tattoo was healing, I did some online research about how to take care of a new tattoo, and found a tattoo artist who was known world-wide for her Celtic and Pictish tattoo designs.

Her name is Pat Fish. She has some great information online about getting and taking care of your tattoos. Not only post-tattoo care of your skin and emblem to make it last a lifetime, but also about medical safety, avoiding infection, making sure your tattooist uses only single-use equipment. That sort of thing.

She also has an extensive portfolio of tattoo flash you can buy and download, so you can have her tattoo art installed by local tattooists.

I decided right then, that I would like to get a tattoo from Pat Fish.

I have an affinity for Celtic Knot designs, especially the one called a triquetra, or Trinity knot. Similar to Native American art, and many other cultures, Celtic artwork has a lot of threes and triangles in it, signifying the triple nature we observe in many things.

Body, Soul, Spirit

Mind, Will, Emotions

Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Just to name a few...

Triquetras are often presented with Eternity Rings incorporated into the design. Pat's online portfolio has a number of these designs, and I soon chose the one I wanted. Then I waited.

After all, I had just gotten a tattoo...

That was almost two years ago...

And now I am embarking on a new journey, a new season of life. So, I think this is a great time to get my Triquetra tattoo installed.

I made a appointment with Pat Fish, of Tattoo Santa Barbara, and had my triquetra installed yesterday.

Pat's assistant, Colin Fraser, took a couple of great pictures of me and my tattoo, and emailed them to me as an souvenir of my visit to Tattoo Santa Barbara.

The closeup is at the top of the post.

Here is the portrait:

And here is a picture of my triquetra before we added the color:

Pat and Colin were both wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting my tattoo!

The icing on the cake was to ride my new bike up to Santa Barbara to get the tattoo installed! I spent last night in a hotel in SB, and then rode home this morning.

I had beautiful weather both ways!! And, now I'm home, my home base in my hotel in Arcadia, safe and sound, with my new tattoo.

And check out the beautiful sunrise I enjoyed this morning as I walked to breakfast.

lovin it on 2 wheels
ramona denton

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